Why a Freelancer Can Save You More Than Just Time and Money

Why using a freelancer can save you more than just time and money

Why a Freelancer Can Save You More Than Just Time and Money

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Imagine this, you’ve got a digital marketing project on the boiler and you’re weighing up your options.

Option 1: hire an agency.
Option 2: bring it all in-house with a full-time employee.
Option 3: hire a qualified freelancer for the duration of the project.

Based on your research and chats with other friends in the business, you know there are a bunch of pros and cons to each option.

With cost and time being top of your priority list, you’re leaning towards the freelancer. However, you’re not sure what else they can offer you besides this.

The thing is, there is a lot more to a marketing freelancer than meets the eye. Many more benefits that they can offer your business than simply time and money.

Flexibility & Accessibility

Maybe a late minute campaign needs to be pushed live or perhaps you work in an industry that is very reactive to what’s around. Either way, their flexible working schedule means your freelancer can get your last minute work up and running for you after hours.

The best situation is that some clients even brief their freelancers on Friday and because they know that the freelancer is on board with working weekends, they can have their requirements sorted and in the company inbox, just in time for their Monday Team WIP.

Top Notch Output

Like any business, freelancers are committed to building a sound reputation with their clients. As word of mouth plays a very important role in how a marketing freelancer builds their database, it is not uncommon for freelancers to go above and beyond the status quo to ensure they produce solid projects. After all happy client, happy life.


Not everyone is up to date with the latest and greatest marketing channels. Heck, some people that do this for a living struggle to keep up. That’s why freelancers act as marketing educators who take the time to explain concepts to their clients. This can range from understanding a digital marketing report to wanting to know how email marketing automation works. The job of the freelancer is to make the complicated simple and spend the time communicating this.


In a digital world, freelancers are no strangers to tight deadlines.

One thing that some might not know about agencies is that the account manager’s job is to act as a buffer or communication channel between the client and the specialist.

When signing up to become a freelancer, you know all too well that you are taking on both hats. Some days you’ll be mainly focusing on communicating the work, while other days you’ll actually be doing it.

From my experience, this always saves the client time because when they are talking to the freelancer, they are talking to the horses mouth. Nothing is lost in translation.

Affordability & Cost of a Freelancer

The obvious one.

Without the traditional business overheads, freelancers – especially those in the digital space need only a laptop and desk. Or in my case, sometimes a coffee table.

This means that the project charge-out-rate is typically cheaper. I’ve seen many clients say they have saved upwards of 60% by using a freelancer over other methods.


One of the most important selling points of any freelancer is their experience across the board. Not only experience in marketing methods (design, development, copywriting etc) but also industry. This is because some weeks they might be working for a resource provider before moving onto another project for a fashion label. This versatility and experience translate into knowledge. The knowledge that they can offer your business.

Superannuation and Employee Benefits

As a freelancer, I am a sole trader. This means that when I work for a client, there is no need for them to pay me superannuation or any employee benefits for that matter. This is definitely a huge advantage for businesses looking to either choose a freelancer or full-time employee. 9/10 this point tips the scales in our favour.

So there we have it.

A few more reasons why a freelancer may well be your best option for your next digital project.