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Social Media Services

Social media marketing and advertising is now all about capturing your audience at the right time with targeted content. The variety of social media platforms can seem overwhelming and half the battle is discovering which one suits your audience. Therefore, you’ll discover which platform deserves your attention. Gone are the days of posting and hoping that your content will receive traction. Crafting a sound strategy is pivotal to getting this right. A large part of any social media strategy is creating smart advertising campaigns to promote your content. I can help to determine your goals, create structured campaigns and drive valuable customers to your website.

What to expect from a social media advertising campaign
  • Increased traffic to your website and landing pages – helping your business to generate valuable leads for your sales team.
  • Build and run multiple campaigns at once to see which one resonates best and optimise your investment.
  • Join in the conversation and build rapport with your community.
  • Share and deliver content that is valuable to your community such as blogs, product updates and articles that they are interested about.

Step up your social presence

Email Marketing Automation keeps customers engaged in the long run. I’ve worked with many clients, making this happen by using a variety of email triggers.

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  • Pin point targeting means it’s now more easier than ever to find new audiences to connect with your brand. I can help to find out which groups are worthwhile and more importantly, set up and run social media advertising campaigns that appeal to this audience. By striking a balance between creative design and scientific targeting, testing ad creative, copywriting and audience selection, we can work together to ensure that the ads achieve the best cut-through. Paid campaigns allows you to segment your audience based on:

    • Demographics
    • Location
    • Interests
    • Behaviour
  • Do you have a great piece of content that you want to share with the world? Perhaps it’s a e-book that you think people will want to read. I can help you craft social media campaigns that look to promote this content in exchange for customer information such as an email address. The best part? This information can be dropped into your internal customer record system for your sales team to access on the fly.

  • Dipping your toe in the world of social media can be a challenge. I can help to clarify which platform suits you best, who to target and when. All based on data.

It's time to stop throwing your social media darts at the wall blindfolded

Other Services

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Create copy that converts your clients into lifetime advocates.

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Website Design

Pixel perfect design that inspires and converts your users.

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Email Marketing

Ditch the scatter-gun approach. Deliver emails that pack a punch.