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Responsive Website Services

In a cluttered online space, it’s so important to make sure your website is humming for Google, but also the user. Nothing screams a higher bounce rate than a poor design. That’s why when I design website projects I make sure that the user is top of mind. Whether your brand is aiming to book more consultation, achieve online purchase or content downloads, I combine my knowledge of conversion optimisation and design to ensure the user can navigate the website and perform key actions needed for business success.

Web Design Approach

I take the time to understand your business. Not only is it important that I grasp the website project, but also how your business runs. After all, you know your product or service best!

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  • I know all too well how frustrating it can be dealing with late delivery and budget blowouts. That’s why I take all my notes away, plug them into industry leading project management systems and ensure full transparency in terms of scope, expectations, budget and timelines. At any point of the project, you’ll be able to see the ins and outs of the progress.

  • I’ll then work through a design brief with you to ensure we are on the right track. Every design will incorporate a responsive focus. Making sure your brand and website is compatible with every device across the board while delighting the user at the same time.

  • Creative copywriting converts customers. That’s why I structure your website content based on Google, but also create copy that succinctly communicates key messages to the user.

  • Robust processes are the key to quality development. That’s why every line of code is checked, tested and put through its paces to make sure the final product is agile and fast. Using WordPress as the platform of choice, I can also help to turn your business into an e-commerce business with the help of Shopify and Woocommerce.

  • We’ll then spend some time going through the design in person. We’ll talk through the rationale for each page and will set up time for you to review the site. Once I receive final approval, the only thing left to to do is press go and deploy your site.

  • The work does not stop when the site launches. I also spend the time delving into each page and recommending constant improvements. Using Google Analytics, I set up goals and track these against your business objectives.

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Other Services

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Email Marketing

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Social Media Marketing

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